NZ Axis Awards 2018
Gold: Sound Design, "The Human Serengeti"

NZ Axis Awards 2018
Bronze: Sound Design Film and Screen, "Inside Out"

NZ Axis Awards 2018
Bronze: Sound Design Radio, "Inside Out"

NZ Axis Awards 2018
Bronze: Digital use of Music/Sound, "Inside Out"

New York Festivals World's Best TV & Films 2017
Gold Medal Best Original Music:  Peter Hobbs, Jean

New Zealand Television Awards 2017
Best Original Score:  Peter Hobbs, Jean

London International Awards 2017
Sound Design Silver: Peter Hobbs, Anchor 'Inside Out'

APRA Silver Scrolls Awards 2017
Best Original Music in a Film Finalist: Peter Hobbs, Jean

Taite Music Awards 2017
Best Debut Release Finalist: Lost Demos, Viva Lost Demos

Caanz Axis Awards 2016
Best Original Music Finalist: Peter Hobbs, Speight's 'Little Henry'

Caanz Axis Awards 2014
Best Original Music Finalist: Peter Hobbs, Bell Tea 'Rolling Sleeves'

Caanz Axis Awards 2014
Sound Design Finalist: Peter Hobbs, Tip Top 'Back to nature'

Caanz Axis Awards 2013
Best Original Music Finalist: Peter Hobbs, MySky 'Father Time'

New Zealand Television Awards 2012
Best Original Score Finalist: Peter Hobbs, Tangiwai

bNet NZ Music Awards 1999
Best Rock/Pop Release Finalist: Kitset, Testpot

bNet NZ Music Awards 1999
Best New Act Finalist: Kitset

bNet NZ Music Awards 1999
Best Independent Release Finalist: Kitset, Testpot



Jean (2016), Lippy Pictures
Composer - Peter Hobbs

Abandoned (2015), Making Movies
Composer - Peter Hobbs

King of Caravans (2013), Zoe McIntosh Films Ltd
Composer - Peter Hobbs, Audio Post - Harmonic

Tangiwai, a Love Story (2011), Lippy Pictures
Composer - Peter Hobbs, 2012 Television Awards Finalist - Best Original Score

Last Flight (2011)
Composer - Peter Hobbs

I'm Not Harry Jenson (2010), Six String Pictures
Composer - Peter Hobbs, 5.1 Audio Post - Harmonic

The Devil Dared Me To (2007)
Sound Design - Peter Hobbs

Sione's Wedding (2006)
Music Editing - Peter Hobbs


Pango (2016-17), Atamira Dance Company

Manaia (2016), Atamira Dance Company

Moko (2014), Atamira Dance Company



Coastwatch Oz (Aus, 2013), Greenstone
Theme music- Peter Hobbs

Pirates of the Airwaves (2013), Lippy Pictures
Additional Music - Peter Hobbs

Highway Patrol (Aus, 2008-present), Greenstone
Theme music - Peter Hobbs

Highway Cops (2011-12), Greenstone
Theme music- Peter Hobbs

Whakatuaki (2012), Raukatauri Productions
Audio Post - Harmonic

Unsung Heroes (2011), Greenstone
Theme music - Peter Hobbs

The Kiwi Who Saved Britain (2010), Greenstone
Audio Post - Harmonic

FSI (2010), Greenstone
Composer: Peter Hobbs, Audio Post - Harmonic

Kia Ora Molweni (2010), George Andrews Productions
Audio Post - Harmonic

Spartacus (2009), Starz
ADR - Harmonic

Charlotte (2009), Greenstone
Audio Post - Harmonic

Footy Dreams (2009), Whitmore Productions
Audio Post - Harmonic

The Jaquie Brown Diaries (2008), Young, Gifted & Brown
Audio Post - Harmonic



Lost Demos, Viva Lost Demos EP (2017)

Manaia: Original Score (2017)

Jean: Original Soundtrack (2016)

Moko: Original Soundtrack (2014)

Tangiwai: Original Soundtrack (2012)

“NW.2000.4 Bronkow”
(Noiseworks compilation, Germany, 2002)

We are Not Alone
(Best Kept Secret compilation, Italy, 2002)

(Arclife compilation, 2001)

Travel Scrabble * A Tin Can Compilation (USA, 2001)

Radio One Sampler (2000)

Testpot Album(Arclife Records, 1999)

Arc (Arclife compilation, 1999)

Kitset NZ Tour EP (self release, 1999)

Lesley Speaker and Jetty, Dual EP (1998)

Lesley Speaker Bruise CD single (1998)